Ask Mama Kururu And Chubby Dororo

Keroro sighed heavily as he was handed a large plate of food.

"Thanks Fuyuki…" He muttered.

Fuyuki blinked worriedly.

"Sarge are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been tired and acting weird all day." He said.

"It’s just the extra baby weigh is all…" Keroro sighed, wiping his forehead.

He actually felt very warm and awful. Why was that?

He just hoped it wasn’t anything too bad that it can wait till he gets home.

"Uh mister Sargent?"

Keroro looked up at Tamama, who was blushing.

"So do you wanna…dance?" He asked.

Keroro sighed sadly.

"Tamama I would but I’m too tired and warm to do anything besides sit and eat. And this is a slow song you don’t wanna dance to a slow song." He said.

Tamama flinched.

"R-right. Can I sit with ya then?" He asked.

Keroro smiled.

"Sure thing!" He said as Tamama hopped next to him.

Dororo looked at Keroro, who sat a few seats from him at the long table. He looked awful.

"Kururu dear you don’t think Keroro’s gonna.."

"Go into labor? Premature labor can happen." Kururu chirped.

Why did he sound so calm about it?!

"Ku ku but don’t worry I have my phone to call the space ambulance just in case." Kururu waved his cell around before putting it back in his pocket.

Dororo sighed shakily.

"Come on, our dance is coming up!" Kururu pulled Dororo out of his chair as the two made their way to the dance floor.

The floor soon cleared.

"You know what…I don’t want people watching sooooo…."

Dororo smooched Kururu’s face.

"Just ignore everyone else."

Kururu’s face flushed as he placed his face into Dororo’s chest as the music started up.

"There’s times where I want something more
Someone more like me”

Giroro blinked. This was the song they picked? Well it sounds like em.
Later on Dororo was back in his seat while Kururu was talking to his college buddies.

Keroro meanwhile was in the bathroom, wanting to be alone for a while.

"Ughh why do I feel so bad?" Keroro groaned, wiping his forehead.

Maybe he should call Pururu and talk to her…yeah that sounds like a great idea.

He got up and as soon as he did that he felt wet, especially at his…feet?

Keroro’s eyes widened before he screamed.


There’s an issue of the Teen Titans comic book where everybody gets their superpowers swapped. Their reactions and interactions speak volumes about their perceived identities and their friendships.

Y’know. Back when DC cared about characterization.




garnet is black

amethyst is not white

steven is mixed

pearl is white yall can have her

actually no pearl is east Asian seeing as the majority of her outfits are based on east Asian culture. literally none of the gems are white.

none of them are white

racists can cry and send me their tears


Dororo fidgeted nervously as he waited for Kururu.

"Dororo stop fidgetin!" Giroro huffed.

"I can’t hellp it!"

"Don’t worry Dororo, things are gonna go great."
Kururu sighed, what a nerd.

"Where are the triplets?" Ninono asked.

"It’s the saddest thing Nino, they all got sick early in the morning. Kororo wouldn’t stop crying until Tororo came over." Kururu sighed.

"Aww poor things."

"So the Garuru platoon is watching them, well Pururu and Tororo are."

Ninono tilted his head.

"Awww, say you wanna meet up with the guys later on?" He asked.

"Sure thing, if Freyeye doesn’t nag me about cleaning and finances."

"Heh sounds like he would." Ninono sniggered.

Lururu then walked up to them.

"Kururu come on we gotta go." He said.

Kururu then walked off with him as Ninono sat down in his seat.

"I’m off to get me a husband!" Kururu announced as he went outside into the beautiful garden, the paveway covered in flower petals.

Dororo squealed and covered his face. He looked so handsome!

Kururu nearly tore Lururu’s arm off as they rushed to the altar.

The grey keronian, a hired priest, blinked.

"Well that’s fast…"
The wedding began as Kururu stood bored out of his skull. Can’t he just be officially married to Dororo so he can kiss Dororo’s face?

"Erm Kururu?"

Kururu shook a bit.


Dororo smiled.

"Do you want to say our vows now or in private?" Dororo asked.

Kururu frowned.

"In private."

Dororo was nearly sobbing before, he dreamed about this day ever since he was a small child. Now here he was, about to marry someone he truly loves deeply, even with all of the scary things happening to them. They both have come so far from where they were almost two years ago. He was just so happy! So happy to be experiencing this!

Everyone groaned. So much for a romantic wedding.

"I-if we can move on…you may now kiss the-"

Kururu nearly jumped on Dororo as he tore off his mask and began smooching him.

"I said kiss not make out!"

Kururu pulled back and looked at the priest.

"You’re no fun."

Dororo laughed as he pulled Kururu back in for a long kiss, ignoring the cheers of everyone else.

Everything looks so beautiful!

It’s almost like there’s not a touch of Kururu’s weirdness anywhe-…

Oh wait…there’s a curry fountain…never mind.




Have you ever seen something completely baffling but also technically excellent? I can’t believe how well this person edited Jane into Treasure Planet so she and Captain Amelia could fight the bad guy from Osmosis Jones. “Man,” I say to myself, “I could never make this bizarre music video about beloved animated characters becoming ghosts.”

this is legitimately awesome

wtf this rules!!!!



never in my life did I think that toilet doors would make me so angry

Dororo wheezed as he curled in the dressing room.

"Dororo come on! Don’t get cold feet now!" Giroro huffed.

"I’m not! I’m freaking out!" He wailed, curling into a ball.

"Well don’t because you are going to be fine!" Giroro groaned, grabbing Dororo by the collar and dragging him out.

Kururu grumbled as he buttoned up his maternity suit. Why they had these he’ll never know.

The door then opened.

"Dororo I’m sure you of all people would be against seeing me before the wed-" he turned and saw Dororo’s mom standing in the door way.

"Kururu? Can I speak to you?"

Kururu looked around.

"Erm…sure." Kururu grumbled.

Dororo’s mom shut the door behind her.

"I just wanted to thank you."

"Ku ku for what?" Kururu pondered.

Dororo’s mom smiled under her mask.

"For making Zeroro happy. Whenever I visited him before or whenever he came home from New Years before he always seemed sad. Even though he always said everything was fine, I knew that something on Pekopon was making him sad."

Yeah his now less shitty platoon leader did a fine job with that.

"But now, ever since you were pregnant with the triplets and he’s gotten…well…"

"Fatter and cuter than a blueberry?" Kururu finished.

Dororo’s mom blinked.

"Well I suppose…but ever since then his mood improved so much and now that you two are together it’s even better. So I’m just saying thank you." Dororo’s mom finished.

Kururu blushed a bit and grumbled out a, “You’re welcome…”

Dororo’s mom patted his shoulder.

"Come on we’ll be family soon! You don’t have to be so cold with me."

Kururu nodded slightly.

The poor woman would have to put up with his crazy mother.

"Sarge you might need to sit down for a while." Fuyuki said nervously.

Keroro panted and looked up at him.

"I’m fine Fuyuki. I’m just a little worn out from yesterday." He sighed.

"Yeah but this much?"

Keroro sat down in his designated seat, rubbing his swollen abdomen. Man the kid was killing him today, non stop kicking and moving around since this morning and he’s been feeling off all day. After the wedding and reception he should take a long nap.


Marriage equality update as of October 18! Thanks, BuzzFeed





so let’s have a real talk


There is nothing wrong with furries!






so let’s have a real talk


There is nothing wrong with furries!






Oh god.
The shedding.
And the feed needed.

Also, how does it get through the doors…?

I could ride the kitty around town! All the petrol money savings!
It would also have a rainbow saddle…because rainbow

All the petrol money you would save would go on food! On the plus side, it could fight off your enemies.

I’ll take 5





*falls down fifteen flights of stairs and through a window*

boo ya





*falls down fifteen flights of stairs and through a window*

boo ya